Day 572: Racing in Nyeri


All is well in Mexico, and I have little to report on life in these parts. However, 87 Hope Runs kids are competing in races of varying lengths at the Nyeri Half Marathon today in Kenya, under the fearless leadership of their awesome coach, Titus. We are so excited that so many were able to run, even some of the very youngest who are running some incredibly short distance I have been so far unable to translate from the metric system.

Please think of them today!

Also think of them because, very sadly, there has been some shoe stealing affecting Hope Runs kids. All kids at Tumaini Children's Home were due for new sneakers, but 70 of the 250 pairs of shoes were sadly stolen. Although Hope Runs as an organization has raised something like three thousand shoes (and 70 is just a small fraction) it is incredibly expensive, to get those shoes to Africa. So, we can only afford to ship a couple hundred at a time. Thus, having a third of the recent shipment stolen is a sad day indeed.

Think of happier times in this cute video of Lara drawing a picture of the all the kids running during impromptu Kenyan art class:

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