Day 585: Kenyans in California

by claire,

Tumaini elder Prisca is out in America for the first time, visiting family in California, and bears news of the kids back in Kenya. Most importantly, she reports the death of small bunny at the accidental hands of our favorite Little Dictator.

The bunny hutch, as you may remember, started as a Hope Runs social entrepreuner project for the kids this past summer. Some fourteen year old aspiring business men wrote a very crafty little proposal, discussing the ways in which cute bunnies would add to the "betterment of the orphanage community". Lara and I were easily swayed by their apparent professionalism, particularly (for Lara) when they agreed to name one of the said bunnies after her. Providing that would be one they weren't planning to kill and sell for meat anytime soon.

Alas, the life of one of the hutch's five bunnies came to an end lately, when the Little Dictator, 9, was apparently sent off to feed the bunnies. He took one of the small ones out, and played with him. But, as Prisca says, "You know him he is playing very very rough."

Death came; Prisca did not know if there was a burial; and now the bunny hutch is on lock-down, reserved for older, gentler petters.

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