Day 633: Argentina and Little Dictators

While Lara nurses the fifth day of an outrageously high fever in Boston, I (Claire) am still in Argentina. Fevers are the classic Lara illness, and she has managed to get them all over the world - just in time to stay bedridden in gorgeous locales. As I told her, though, it makes sense she got one this week, given how hard we've been working. Suffice it to say it's boring to talk about work, but there were some big grant applications due last week that had us running around like headless chickens, SKYPE-ing madly from Boston to Buenos Aires.

Our big work week is done, though, and we have a few days to breathe before the next major push. It's a joy, really, all this highly paid non-profit work.

Every day, we realize that were it not for those crazy little Kenyan children, we would never have gotten brainwashed into doing all this. They really are just so sickeningly cute, though, it's enough to break anyone's heart.

Today, a montage to Mwai, the Little Dictator:

These were taken during the great Tumaini Children's Home chicken pox infection of 2007. A lot of finger pointing went to little Mwai for starting the plague, but he shockingly denied cultivating the illness of his own accord.

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