Day 642: The Nightmare of the Sweet Urphin Sports Bras

Down in Argentina, I just awoke in the middle of the night (the total lunar eclipse!) having a nightmare in which Rhoda, 9, told me that she wanted to read all the Babysitter Club Mystery Series books that exist. I responded by telling her we only had 30 in the orphanage's library, and she got angry and turned her back on me and ran off. "Rhoda! Come back!" I was screaming, "I can get you more than 30!"

My analysis of this nightmare has to do with the fact that we have been scrambling to find a bunch of donated sports bras to take back to Africa next week. After essentially no luck (it's funny what random projects we strike out on), Lara was on a conference call today with one of America's biggest women's athletic clothing retailers. They mentioned how hard it is to give away the things that don't sell at the end of a season, and how two weeks ago they were begging anyone - anyone! - to take 20,000 new women's sports bras.

When Lara told them our Hope Runs sports bra woes, the marketing women laughed heartily - what bad timing! Lara, however, cried inside for not having been on the phone with them two weeks ago. At the time, though, I was obviously in Antarctica and Lara was taking finals with a 104 degree fever. It's almost as if we don't have a thriving staff in the USA.

Next year, though, they said we might get the 20,000.


Kim said...

Hi Claire and Lara! So how many sports bras are you hunting for? And when do you leave to go to Africa? Maybe I could find a way to help with this.

The Sumer Alvarez Foundation said...

Ooo - we'd love any help!
We just need about ten...

Thanks to you and Emily Baker for responding;)


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