Day 644: Sports Bras Found; SuperBondo Works Well

Our sports bra dilemma from the other day was solved when Emily Baker, who heads a Seattle chapter of Hope Runs, pulled 16 sports bras from thin air.* She is one of those people who seems magically able to do that ("it's weird...people just give me things"... she says), and so we love her in a deeply platonic way. We've never met, of course.

In other news, I (Claire) went to a club tonight in Buenos Aires I was last at five years ago, which felt time-warpish. Happily, though, the super glue ("superbondo") I had to put on my breaking shoes yesterday worked very well, and my feet stayed un-stepped upon and intact throughout the Red Bull fueled evening.

Finally, Lara and I had a long sappy conversation in which we discussed how great it feels to do something with your life you feel so passionately about. I won't bore you with the heart-wrenching details, but suffice it to say it all had something to do with cute, shave-head(ed) children.

Here are two of my favorites, Mary and Rhoda, two particularly crazy children, who happen to occupy my computer desktop. They look tame here, but they are actually psychotic forces capable of leaving the most unflappable adult in awe of their insanity. Needless to say, we miss them like hell.

*Thanks to Kim, who also offered to help us find the Sports Bras!

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