Day 648: Crises at Hand

Transcontinental texts and blackberries are flying (yes, the machines are actually hitting things in rage) as we hear that only 2 of the 20 Hope Runs teenagers have been approved for the Kenya-Tanzania border crossing to get to a marathon in no less than 72 hours' time. The problem has to do with unknown restrictions on child trafficking. While it is fantastic that Kenya and Tanzania make it harder than we thought to shuttle children across, it is certainly frustrating when those trying to be shuttled are orphans who legitimately have no birth certificates and are actually in the good care of people who want to cheer them on at an awesome marathon.

As Claire waits in South American airports to cross four continents to find the elusive Africa, Lara is in a Boston hospital being doctor-ey, only responding to emails that say "Urgent." Luckily, said urgent emails have probably only totaled 2 dozen so far today. Latest economic (not ethical) question: "What is the maximum Hope Runs is willing to pay as a bribe to get the kids in?"

Americans Emilee and Michael, and Kenyan manager extraordinaire Eunice are the ones having to deal with this new nightmare on the ground, and they are superstars for doing so. Meanwhile I am choosing online meal options for an upcoming inter-Africa flight.

Low Purine?

The possibilities, although entertaining, are not actually endless.

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