Day 652: Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon (deterioration of)

"Oh, Crayor...we are so depressed."

After the hugs (everyone), and the screams (nine year old monsters) and the tears (mine), the overwhelming message I received upon my return to Tumaini Children's Home in Kenya was true disappointment in this weekend's turn of events events.

Indeed, at the amazing Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon in Moshi, Tanzania on Sunday, Hope Runs was not in full force. Instead of sending 28 individuals to Tanzania, we were able to send 8, with 20 Hope Runs kids were turned down for visas (rough summary of the complex events having to do with children not having birth certificates) and unable to cross the border. It was a mighty sad day for those remaining, and promises of "next year" only went so far to assuage the alleged depression. After all our planning as an organization, after all the work of the kids to train, and after all the tireless trips Hope Runs volunteers and staff made cross-country to help solve the problem, it was a truly sad. Coach Titus was so upset that he couldn't take the kids he said he would not run - (thankfully, people made him);) He finished 17th in 2:25 at an unbelievably hard course.

The kids, perhaps seeing how upset I was, put on a good front. "We are thankful anyway," they assured.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the 20 kids unable to go. I can't believe how frustrating that is. I hope the ones that got to go had a great race and great trip.
Thinking of you guys!

sarah mac said...

i can't even imagine the disappointment. two sayings come to mind, both of which might be appropriate for introducing to the kids:

a) wanna hear (insert preferred term of choice - god, the great spirit, etc.) laugh? tell him/her/it your plans!

b) everything happens for a reason

though it's no consolation during times of great disappointment, i always find it helps at least a little to get philosophical and try to find meaning behind the madness.

hugs to everyone all around...

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