Day 662: My Favorite Time to Blog physics class. My physics prof has a bad habit of giving diatribes on physics-related history about relativity that's beyond our understanding. So my mind wanders...

over the last few days there has been lots of new information flowing into the Hope Runs enterprise. We hired someone new (yay!) and she reads minds and is fabulous and is named Emily. She is to help with fundraising, because claire and I realized that we need money to do things. darn it.

Claire has also actually been back in Africa herself, which has helped shorten the relay of information since it was previously just through our on-the-ground volunteers. They were wonderful--helpful and informative and reliable in tight situations (big thank yous all around)--but Claire knows exactly which kids I want to hear impressions of, and exactly how to communicate how much crazier Kenya has become. Turns out not much--it was crazy to us last summer anyway.

The end result of Claire's trip has been 50 bucks of skype-ing that led to many revelations:

Rhoda has become crazier, and keeps answering everything "on my nose."
The kids are still manic
Tanzania (our new sites) are similarly crazy
There were two exorcisms within Claire's viewing
Claire likes rural areas
Internet in the US is better than in Kenya
Skype is AWESOME

I can't wait for her to get off hte plane to tell more...I have been waiting for news and for longer explanations of the urgent calls I got about finding host families in danforth, Florida, or California, how to get a Kenyan student a visa, using phone numbers of various family numbers to track down various other phone numbers, or how to estimate the amount of money we need to support the infamous Bunny Project.

I do what I'm told, but it's frustrating to be literally unable to question why...especially when you know the answers would be oh-so entertaining

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