Day 678: Pillow Inc.

Lately we've been considering some new directions to take Hope Runs in that would make us a more powerful little NGO better able to help adorable children. Suffice it to say, we're in the early stages of this new idea, and will give you more information as it develops, but most variations on this new scheme involve partnering with some other amazing organizations.

One of the tasks we've been exploring in this period of potential expansion has been the naming and branding of a new potential umbrella organization. One night, as Lara lay on a couch talking to me half asleep, she began thinking about how much she wanted a pillow. This thought invaded her mind to such an extent that she stopped calling our potential new endeavor "a potential new endeavor" and instead began referring to such a partnership as PILLOW. Or, PILLOW INC. perhaps.

Now it's become a thing. And semi-professional emails with potential partners are all about pillow. Like "we need to get the lawyer to look at whether Pillow can do XXX." This can't be good.

In similar can't-be-good events, we also have been submitting portraits of ourselves for various applications in the works. When I asked Lara to get one of her, this is what she came up with:

Again, not professional, people.

1 comment:

diana said...

Actually, I think that's a pretty fantastic picture of Lara! Who took it?

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