Day 715: A College Crisis

Tumaini Children's Home, the amazing orphanage in Kenya where Hope Runs started, is running into some real financial difficulties of late. Specifically, some ten high school "leavers" (meaning those living at the orphanage in their gap year between high school graduation and college or university acceptance), have been sent home temporarily for lack of funds.

Although Hope Runs has promised to pay some of the college fees for these leavers in 2009, we can't handle the expense of all ten of them, and neither can other donors at Tumaini. The cost of one teenager attending a 2 year college is roughly 3,000 USD total for two years, whereas the cost of one teenager attending a 4 year university (much preferred) can top 16,000 USD for four years.

Hard to believe at times that university is outrageously expensive everywhere (4,000 USD per year in Kenya sounds like a lot), but there you have it.


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