Day 720: Our Hope Runs Scholar Strokes Our Egos

Following my post the other day about Hope Runs Scholar James completing his first year of studies at Daystar University in Nairobi, I received no less than 5 emails from the Daystar University computer room summarizing my amazing qualities.

The basic thesis was pretty much everyone's dream, in which someone has an argument with you in which they are telling you that YOU are more wonderful than they are. Although I tried to act coy and modest, I was eating it up.

A peek:

James: I have really liked that photo!! I've also seen a comment for me, ''Gooooo James." It's wonderful.

Me: Yes, YOU are wonderful.

James: "Let's not debate about who is who. You ARE!!!" (Then 50 more words on why which suffice it to say were all more than accurate)...

However, just as I was as high on myself as I could be, I received a forward from Lara of what James had written her that selfsame hour. Although the "reason" has something to do with the supposed MCATS Lara is taking next week (although I maintain it may really all be some elaborate lie to get sympathy and presents), frankly I felt there was no real justification for what appeared to be complete smut directed to making Lara feel unnaturally good about herself.

Some snapshots into the terror.

James (to Lara): "Imagine you have all the necessary answers in your mind, and its just a matter of jotting them down? When you'll be sitting for them, they'll be MINORS, but after you've done, we'll say that you sat for 3 MAJOR exams!!! Good good better better and endless goodies, better and best wishes!!! 'Well done Lara for getting excellent grades on your 3 MAJOR exams,' The professor for organic chemistry said after giving Lara her results when Harvard University resumed learning after a holiday...'"

Lara's question to me at the top of the forward: "Why can't you be this supportive?"


k said...

It seems you've a nice friend Claire and Lara!It's a wonderful job you galz are doing for him! Congrats!!!

kijney said...

good to have james who is such supportive to you!!

Anonymous said...

i've never been to Korea. good that you're going for studies.

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