Day 723: The Jet Lag Curse

Although I returned from Australia to Buenos Aires two weeks ago, I have been suffering for the aforementioned two weeks in the worst state of jet-lag known to man. It is so bad, that it is not actually jet-lag, but rather some bizarre form of sleep (or lack thereof) - induced psychosis. Given that my life is all about travel, it is fascinating that this is occuring.

This is my current daily sleep schedule:

9 pm - 11 pm: Sleep (this is an optional sleep, as restaurants opening at 9 pm for dinner mean that we eat out late here)

11 pm - 3 am: Work. Take breaks from work to read blogs on the Internet and watch election coverage on CNN and bake. Drink herbal tea to pretend that on some base level I am actually intending to return to sleep.

3 am - 7 am: Sleep

7 am - 9 am: Up again. Since a whole four hours have passed since I last checked my work email, I can justify my workaholic tendencies as I eat cereal.

9 am - 11 am: Sleep again.

After 11 am: Wake with an alarm, groggy, tired, and wishing I could sleep all day.

Should you have any genuine advice on why my body has gone crazy, feel free to share.

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