Day 762: We are (as ever) here

While Lara braves out another couple weeks of field management in Kenya and Tanzania right now, I (Claire) have returned to South America to a life of virtual work for Hope Runs. Our last month on the ground in Africa has been one of the most hectic in my recent memory, but this comes as know surprise. Clearly, this is what happens when one builds a life in which being in two places at once is actually the best option.

This recent trip brought to mind an issue that we have been steadily - and sometimes, admittedly, sadly - aware of over the last year. Indeed, it is startling to see how much our roles have changed since we began Hope Runs. In the beginning, it was all about the children, and laughing at them (yes), and with them (yes), and just generally spending endless time doing very little of substance in their presence.

And although we do some of that these days - we held a successful snail marathon, we popped 200 bags of popcorn, etc. - our job these days demands that we spend much more time in Africa talking to adults, about adult-like things.

The result?

Better programming for the adorable little and big kids, but less quality time spent with little monsters. And this problem is not about to end. As we happily expand to the point where we cannot always know the names of the children we work with, a tiny sigh of sadness does escape us.

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