Day 105: Claire Gets an Agent for Her Travel Book!

Tonight is a fun night. Yes, the usual things are happening at Resort Awkward. I am still starring in the one woman freak show that is going on a jog; I am still posing in photos with the children of Indian tourists when they ask me to, ("One photo? With my child?"); and I am certainly still entertaining the staff with my apparently ignorant existence (you aren't familiar with cupcake sprinkles as the new after dinner digestif?)

But the good news is that I had a nice phone call with New York to find that an agent is going to represent my travel book, All Roads Lead to Einbahn.* I'm very excited, and even shed one tiny tear when I talked to my father on the phone and he said something semi-sweet about how he was officially pleased that he didn't actually break my wrists as a child to prevent me from following in his dreaded footsteps as a writer.

Now all we need is a publisher to buy it. If you know one, you can send them to this blog and say the following: "Claire's book will be kind of like TrippingOnWords, except it will be longer and you will have to pay for it."


Claire and Lara said...


Claire and Lara said...

i just realized it could look like Claire had posted that about herself. She didn't. She is a modest literary genius. I, Lara, do not have to be modest, so I can tell everyone that CLAIRE IS A LITERARY GENIUS!!!!!!

I know these things. I live with her. And I've read part of hte book, so our hunch about her genius-ness is confirmed.

Sarah N said...

Mega congrats! Have a drink for me tonight, will you? And keep me posted on this project's progress! Cheers!

diana said...

you rock the casbah.

Sunshine said...

'you rock the casbah'

That's funny shit! I love that! And, BTW Claire, you totally rock it!

Congratulations! OK enough exclamation points!


bbop said...

Claire-That's really great news and the 'hood is certainly rooting for you. Also, the cupcake sprinkles are sugar-coated anise (licorice) and they serve them at Naan and Curry on College Ave. too.

Adam Rugel said...

cool blog. i don't know how i stumbled upon it, but you guys are making me want to travel again. have fun

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the agent claire, that's awesome. who is it? i sometimes comment on your blog like, in my head. one of these days i'll try and remember all of my brilliant interior comments and actually write them down. although i think that i forgot my like blogger identity.
ummm, also the main reason why i am commenting is because i had a disturbing dream about you last night. you were waiting for me at an airport and i arrived with a HUGE bag and you're all: "what's IN that?" and i'm all (like, REALLY happy): "it's my guitar, so that we can play jesus songs together with you on YOUR guitar!"
and you're all: "awesome!"
i don't know what kind of fucked up game my subconscious is playing with me.


Anonymous said...

yay pone! we will have a gilded stable prepared for when you become a bestselling author!

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