Lara Lands in Kenya....

It was her blackberry, and the immediate 30 emails, that tipped me off. To make sure, though, I called her just as she was sitting down to a welcome dinner at the orphanage in Nyeri. Since her cell phone isn't up and working yet, I had called the ever sarcastic and amazing manager of the orphanage, Eunice.

When I asked if Lara was there safe and in one piece, she answered in classic Eunice style:

"You should probably talk to her personally to ask her if she thinks she is one piece."

Lara said, indeed, she was still a whole person. She also said that Edwin, 11 (I can't believe how big he is now) had immediately asked if she had brought the shoes "for to go running."

I heart those kids.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the kind sister who went to the North Pole?

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