Day 1050: Baby Steps

On the ground in Kenya these days, we've got a great guy working on an exciting new business program for Hope Runs and IBECOME. He's living at Tumaini, where Hope Runs began, for 6 months, and during his first two months so far has been enjoying the many unique personalities of our favorite little (and big) monsters.

Yesterday, we heard that the youngest, and newest of Tumaini's residents has finally warmed up to him. Hezekia, a small and adorable 7 or 8 year old, apparently approached our fine Zach with the gentlest of smiles. After several seconds of akwardness, he then made the ambiguous, surprising ask for money. Upon learning that Zach was not going to give him money, however, he realized he didn't really have much use for the money (being a 7 year old and having his needs taken care of in the orphanage) so apparently wasn't really very disappointed. The chat then progressed in its normal awkward way, with the money issue having been taken off the table.

Zach laughed when telling me and Lara. "Baby steps," he said.

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