Day 1: The First Day of the Amazing Race

The first day of the indefinite trip around the world took place in Miami, where Claire's sister lives and works. She took Lara and Claire to a traditional Cuban restaurant, which Lara and Claire felt seemed a lot like Denny's with brighter lighting.

While in Miami, Claire and Lara did a couple important things.

- They recorded their audition video for the Amazing Race. Lent had ended, so Claire had one drink after midnight, and then they went to the beach and choreographed a dance segment to the popular song, "I wear my sunglasses at night." You may think something here like, "But it is so difficult to get on the Amazing Race." Although that is true, they really played up the fact that Lara has shaved her head (and pointed at it to emphasize this point) and have every confidence that this will set them above the other 25,000 applicants.

- They poured wine into grape juice bottles in the kitchen of the person we were staying with (see above sister), who is pretty concerned about cleanliness. But they didn't spill anything.

- They boarded the cruise ship with only minutes to spare, because Celebrity Cruises had inexplicably changed the boarding times and they had not (to the knowledge of Lara and Claire) updated their website.


court said...

is that last comment really true... that you boarded the cruise with minues to space... dude.. and i just had to create a username to write a comment, superLAME.

Claire and Lara said...

yes court. isn't that interesting. go to work.

Lana said...

i bet if i applied to amazing race with someone, i'd get in. just like the real world. i'd have an upper hand on claire since i'm not white and she, like everyone else, is. i dont know about lara though. that shaved head is hard to beat.

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