Who are Claire and Lara and Why Do I Care?

Who are Lara and Claire? This is them. They are Travel Writers (among other things). They met at Stanford University, where they got degrees and tans (sometimes). In this photo, they are on top of Table Mountain, an extremely largish mountain in South Africa. This was in April of 2005, when they came up with the idea to quit life and start traveling for a year or so. In April of 2006, they started this trip. It will be going on until it ends. Until that time, you can read their (our) blog. We don't have an answer for why you care. But you should.


Claire and Lara said...

Hmmm...It Looks Fab!

kelly is hot, not like lara said...

yummm.... you are hot. can i get in on that action?

Lana said...

this is when lara had hair. great picture, i miss you girls... claire, laundry room?

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