Day 18: AirSahara - Emotionally Yours

This is actually the motto (and accompanying logo) of AirSahara. If you were spending your days searching the budget airlines of the world you would learn these facts as well.

Today we are sitting in our office, which is our hostel room, which is 6 feet by 14 feet small with one window. We are each diligently working. Lara is constructing cubicles for us using our world map, which is made of paper and so does not work as a cubicle wall very well. Madrid was completely booked due to holidays and this was the only place we could find, but while we used to dislike it, it is now our favorite place because it has wireless we can tap into for free and we have much planning to do about the next year.

What does she think we are doing in here? We wonder about the hostel owner lady, and the fact that we maybe have barely left the hostel in 48 hours. We have also taped up the picture that was taken against our will on the cruise ship of us in high school prom pose. The picture, intense time in room, and Lara's mannish hair may suggest the whole vaguely same sex partner angle we beat to death in our Amazing Race audition video.

Claire can't move her legs due to the marathon, which is legitimate, but Lara claims vague nausea, which is probably not.

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