Day 19: Arriving in Granada

Granada = gorgeous.

It took us a while to realize this.

It also took us way too much effort and far too many hours to get on a straightforward train ride from Madrid to Granada. After retrieving the hostel information from a magically-appearing internet kiosk in the Granada train station, we arrived at midnight at our not-too-sketchy-looking Granada hostel. Unfortunately, because we arrived at midnight they did not have any keys to the room we had reserved. So we had to take a five minute taxi ride up the hill to another hostel that apparently had the keys to the first hostel. This is not bad made as little sense as it seems.

Luckily, at the other hostel, a drunk and crazy man was tending the desk, and when he handed us what appeared to be a toy phone we were informed that we were to stay at this second hostel. And that the man was not actually crazy, just deaf. We didn´t have enough cash, but he said it was fine. He settled us into our room and said good night, only to return 15 minutes later to yell at Claire about how we had paid him less money. Claire assured him we knew this fact as we had discussed it for 5 minutes downstairs, and decided to shut the door.

We slept an interesting sleep on a 2-inch thick "double" mattress, assuming there was no way Granada was worth all this.

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