Day 20: Tapas are Free in Granada

In Granada, we are visiting Claire´s friend, an American berry* biologist who normally lives in Baja but is in Granada for a month. We have decided to stay longer, because of the famous Alhambra which takes days to get tickets to, the Hepatitis B shots Lara needs for later in the year, and the beautiful food situation.

The food situation, or the one we are referring to, is this: tapas are free with drinks. That means excellent cost saving and sangria drinking. You can have a whole dinner of tapas real easy.

Here is a tidbit about tapas that the berry biologist tells us. A tapa is called a tapa because originally people put little plates on top of drinks to keep the flies out. To make the plates useful for hungry drinkers, they filled them with food. So, these tops became tapas.

*Raspberries and blueberries give farmers worldwide the best money for their planting dollar. Furthermore, 1/2 a cup of berries a day will change your life, health-wise.


Lana said...

i'm gonna start eating 1/2 cup of berries a day. oh, and i'm obsessed with your blog. i read all the days. is that weird?

r_y_a_n said...

lana, I just discovered this wacko blog. I don't read blogs, but I've read every single one. What's happening to me? I also have started eating an entire cup of berries a day. Please help.

Lana said...

is this ryan our RA from Otero? oh and girls, do frozen berries count, or do they need to be fresh?

Jonathan said...

fresh. or, blended with malibu.

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