Day 26: Peter and L´auberge Espagnole

We are very curious how many people actually know the hidden meaning of L'auberge Espagnole. The phrase, that is. Because we think of ourselves as smart and educated some of the time, but we had no idea.

According to a dinner companion tonight who was French and who we believe was telling the truth, the title of that famed Audrey Tatou (spelling?) movie actually references something interesting. In French, it is an inn in which you enter only to find that everything that exists inside is actually only that which you brought in yourself. This is meaningful, in case you missed the point.

I (Claire) thought this was great.

Lara is outside talking to the smokers right now. When we started this trip, 25 days ago, she may or may not have said, ¨Don´t let me smoke a cigarette EVER. Promise?!¨ But if she is, it is in a multilingual environment, so I guess it´s okay. And besides, if I did go out there now, she would probably hit me.

Finally: as I listen to my German computer neighbor talk on Skype with what is probably a girlfriend, given that the conversation has gone on for more than one hour and it sounds animated, I wonder: why do I not really know anyone well who is named Peter?


Jonathan said...

Stop writing so much.

I'm confused about l'auberge Espanol. You described it as a place in which existed only the things which you brought. My question is, did those things exist there before you brought them in? Or only just at that moment. And if the latter, are there now two of everything you brought in? I.e., the versions you brought in, and the versions that are "in" the inn only because you brought them? That would be a very strange inn indeed.

Or is it trying to say something more deep, like the construction of the inn (read: reality) itself is dependent on what perception you bring? In which case it's kind of boring. I prefer inns which don't attempt to trap me in some sort of deep philosophico-existential dilemma of my own devising. They typically don't provide the best night's rest. Or free English breakfast.

r_y_a_n said...

dear Jonathan,

I take back everything I ever said about Claire. YOU are the crazy one! :)

Jonathan said...

i am offended, r_y_a_n. and encouraged, at the same time! how do you do it? you'd be a great RA, i think

Lana said...

kooky overanalyzer aka jonathan - he WAS a great RA. ryan, that is.

claire: peter from otero. asian guy. duh.

barbarakingsolver said...

l'auberge espagnol: i saw this movie two nights ago. the subtitles translated it as "Spanish Pudding." i don't know what that means. thanks a lot, subtitles.

barbarakingsolver said...

in french, "Peter" means "to fart."

Claire and Lara said...

claire and lara want to clarify that we do not allow racial slurs on our site (lana) so some posters (lana) should perhaps be careful with their language ( mexican. I mean spanish.)

just sayin' (in the denny's know the one. oh wait, I can't say that, can I?)

Jonathan said...

Day 26: "barbarakingsolver" makes fun of someone's name. later on, the irony blows up the world.

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