Day 27: The Alhambra

Today we saw the Alhambra. Without a guide book, or much understanding of what exactly the Alhambra is and why it requires tourists (read lara waiting in line without coffee or warmth while claire slept...we figure that claire contributes an actual understanding of spanish to this trip while lara adds her ability to live happily without sleep) to stand in line for many hours at 6 in the morning in order to get one of a limited number of tickets, it was very interesting.

We walked into rooms, squeezing past middle aged German tourists, and would say things to each other like, "Does this look like a wine cellar to you?" or "I'm feeling a bedroom here!" It was kind of fun, in a way, and felt like an interesting logic puzzle not dissimilar from the NY Times Crossword puzzle daily calender we work on each day.*

They didn't even pass out maps of the Alhambra. At least not that we saw. But then we went to the gardens where there were many roses, and we read. And there were some frogs and some small British children harrassing them. It wasn't the children's fault, though, because even Claire thought the frogs were a bit more interesting than the old walls and things at the Alhambra. Maybe it was at this point she said to Lara: "I wish we were at a zoo. That would be way interesting."

Lara disagreed and pointed out how in this case we were gaining culture, beauty etc. Claire basically just wanted to watch animals do dirty things.

We're gonna go google the Alhambra now.

*The NYTimes Crossword puzzles, which are printed weekly based on an increasing level-of-difficult sliding scale, get really hard on Wednesday. But we're really good at Monday and Tuesday, so don't worry. We'll keep you updated on our increasing skills!

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Jonathan said...

Depending on which one of you wrote this post, it is more or less hilarious.

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