Day 27: Who is Barbara Kingsolver?

There is a blog viewer out there making interesting remarks who has given themselves the avatar (is that the correct use of this word?): "Barbara Kingsolver."

We don't know who this is, but here is the information we do have:

In 2000, Claire, Lara, and some other individuals were playing Twenty Questions in a moving car. It was Claire's turn to think of one, and she went with author (but she didn't say this outloud, as this would defeat the game's purpose of secrecy and guessing.)

First question: "Are you a writer?"

Claire: "Yes."

Second question: "Are you Barbara Kingsolver?"

Claire: "Yes."

It was a short game. And we think that the user pretending to be the famous authoress may or may not have been at that event 6 years ago.

***lara wants to add (claire obviously wrote this post) that she was the one to guess barbara kingsolver that fateful day; and claire actually believed for a full thirty seconds that lara was psychic because she had that strong a belief in the fact that she was not totally predictable to those who knew her when...


Jonathan said...

what's the one question that only barbara kingsolver herself would know? that would put an end to these shenanigans?

as for me, i think it is really the one and only madame kingsolver, for reals.

Lana said...

i'm with lipps. i think it's really her. no bullshit.

Lana said...

i was in the car when that game was played.

and it totally WAS lara who guessed barbara kingsolver! ch-ch-ch-chia! and claire was like "wait how did you know that? wait that's absurd" and then sat quietly. then i was like "barbara who?" and then you guys talked about who she was for a while but i tuned out. i think there was a good song on the radio or something.

court said...

how interesting. i wasn't in the car on that day 6 years ago, but of course claire used the word "absurb" to describe the incident. and dude, finally you guys made it to the alhambra. claire's ability to sleep obscene numbers of hours can sometimes get annoying.

barbarakingsolver said...

"who is barbara kingsolver?" an existential question, i'm not sure if i can do it justice in a blog comment.

maybe i'll write a book about it.

Claire and Lara said...


says lara to court's post. it's funny because it's true. It's definitely funny AND true.

we also feel that barbara kingsolver is channeling our current book writing makes us wonder re: identity yet again

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