Day 31: Probably the Ferry Will Go

We bought a ferry ticket from a man who may or may not have had a mental problem two hours before it was due to leave.

We checked email. We bid farewell to friends as we were leaving for Morocco and indefinite internet availability.

Turned out our ferry was cancelled. Why? No one knew. Could we return our ticket for a new one? Sure! We just had to return it to the man who had sold it to us on the other side of town. But no problem. We could spend 3 times as much on another ticket with someone else for a "slow" ferry that would get us into the sketchy port town of Tanger at 10 at night.

We declined and spent the night in Algeciras in a supposedly clean hostel that smelled like mold once you'd been there for more than 5 minutes.

Next morning, we arose to see if the ferries were running. The woman said they were. She then also added that it is always possible, if not probable, that they could be cancelled again. No one knew.

Lara made her first sarcastic Spanish comment ever...saying "Gracias...por NADA!" without knowing if it was right but feeling very defiant and multi-lingual nonetheless.

Happily, our ferry did go. Our one-hour long "fast ferry" that only ended up taking four hours.

1 comment:

Lana said...

hahahhaha gracias...por NADA! nice to see your sass hasn't diminished ;) i love it, and i cant WAIT to see you both next week.... eeeee!!!!

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