Day 32: God's On Our Moroccan Team!

Spain and Morocco are in the same time zone. However, Morocco is technically two hours earlier (we think because of daylight savings or something complex like that).

We knew this because we are smart. So we got off the ferry and changed our watches.

Unfortunately, it was one day later when we were going to dinner when Lara looked down at her watch to see if was 5 pm and realize that we are not quite eighty yet.

Claire then looked at her watch and said that Lara must not have changed her watch. It is actually seven.

We then went to was good. Though they ran out of pizza and Claire was sad and had to order something Moroccan. Lara was happy because we are back in a land of vegetarian options. Aside from pizza.

Later that night, Lara was racing to submit some work that was due at 1 AM. She submitted it twenty minutes early, but only 5 seconds before their stolen internet connection went dead for the night. But as she looked at what she was sending, she realized it said she still had two hours left before 1 AM, which was actually in twenty minutes.

What was going on?

Claire's watch said two hours later, the computers agreed with Claire's watch and work agreed with Lara's watch.

However, then Claire looked down and realized that her watch actually did say two hours behind, and something weird was going on.

Turns out for an entire day we had been operating under the assumption that it was two hours later than it really was. All because Claire can't tell time but is convinced she can.

Although actually it all happened so that Lara would submit her work before the internet line went mysteriously dead for the night, and therefore not get in trouble at work. If she had known what time it actually was, there is no doubt that Lara would have submitted her work at the actual one AM when there would have been no internet access; instead the work was sent in just five seconds before the internet closed.

A coincidence? I think not. (And the books Claire likes to read says there are no coincidences in this world, anyway. P.S: The books also say that Jesus loves Lara, but don't tell Lara that because she is not ready to be hearing about Jesus' love. Maybe next year, Lara?)


Jonathan said...

two things:

1) i like lara's haircut.
2) the whole bit of this post about time was very confusing and i didn't get it. but it did make me check my watch, and also change the time on my digital camera to be correct. thank you.

regarding the moral of the story: clearly, jesus was in full loving effect, doing what he does best (saving people in mysterious ways from the horrible consequences of procrastination).

to see further proof of god's favor shining down upon you, you have but to notice that the one and only barbara kingsolver is a regular on your blog. of all the young authoresses the brilliant kingsolver could be scouting out and mentoring, she has chosen you two. what an amazing gift! publishing woes will soon be a thing of the past.

Mari said...

this story reminds me of our conversation in eastern europe re:Need for travel books like Let's Go to detail dining hours in each country. because a frenchman's supper time is a spanish early bird special. and innocent tourists are left eating alone all the time.

maybe we could amend this conversation to include travel book details re:Time zones.

r_y_a_n said...

I would just like to take a moment and say that the above "jonathan" is a god among men when it comes to posting comments in response to blogs. They're always so clever and witty. Sometimes, I think I read the blogs just to see what "jonathan" will say. I've even wondered aloud at times if this "jonathan" isn't actually the REAL Barbara Kingsolver posting under a ficticious identity.

Jonathan said...

i will say one thing, and it is a fact: barbarakingsolver is real.

ryan, your adoration is appreciated. i'll see what i can do about getting you that coffee date with BK.

diana said...

when are you coming down to asia? geez dude. there are tons of cheap clothes and crazy things to climb like angkor wat and borobudor. but if you get bored with that you can visit your crazy brit photographer friend in hong kong and your corporate whore singaporean diplomat friend further south. it's first world luxury at third world prices baby.

(ok, maybe not third world prices but you know what i mean)

Claire and Lara said...

diana: you ARE a corporate whore diplomat. and a singaporean one at that. we cant wait to see you and simon; lara has heard great stories about how organized your are. can we go to dubai please. thank you.

Claire and Lara said...

the something hotel for high tea in singapore circa october. still in my journal in your handwriting from jaipur

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