Day 34: Heat

Morocco is very very heated and we almost cannot breathe.

But we feel like this is rugged and supposed to happen when you travel the world. So when 12 hour bus rides go on and on with vomiting neighbors we just breathe deep and ZENlike and say: I hope my ipod doesnt die because that would really be the last straw.

Additionally, I dont think there is an apostrophe mark key on this computer. Or at least not one that is accessible. But that is okay because my favorite Celine Dion song EVER is on in this compu cafe.

Its all coming back to me now.


Jonathan said...

Glad to hear your presence is inspiring your bus neighbors.

You might also like to know that batteries last longer when it is hot than when it is cold (I know this not from any scientific evidence but personal experience with trying to use digital cameras in very cold places). Your iPods will be just fine.

court said...

fyi. claire, i appreciate the personalized email instructing me to please post on your blog.. this is how much i love you: i had to create a new username cuz i couldn't remember my other one..

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