Day 34: The Box Theory

We apologize for the very very bad post on day 32. It was one of those stories that one cannot tell well, if, at all. So we should not have tried.

But we had to, you see, because otherwise Claire and Lara would be giving into Claires BOX THEORY, whereby humans put themselves in boxes of things they think they cannot do. But they really can do all those things and you need to.

Here are ways we have changed our lives by getting out of our boxes:

_Shaving her Head, thus ridding herself of what mean adults call her One Great Feature
_Being Girly and Emotional by letting down her guard and crying in a minifight with Claire
_Breaking up with a friend
_Trying out a Professional Writing Career...which you are reading...before medical school

_Skydiving and not yelling
_Running a Marathon
_Watching Scary Movies and deciding she loved them way more than bad comedies because there was suspense and the plot moved forward even when it sucked
_Almost not washing her face one morning

1 comment:

court said...

my issues with claire's box theory: "almost not watching her face one morning." this is not a box theory because it will NEVER happen... unless of course you're smearing greasy vaseline all over your face.

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