Day 48: Why There Are No Pictures of Lara

We are not entirely sure. But it (most likely) has to do with the fact that Claire does not own a digital camera, has never owned a digital camera, and does not know how to operate Lara's. It's not that she has *never* taken a picture of Lara. She has. It's just that the event is usually preceded by a mind-numbing dialogue like this one that Claire and Lara get sick of repeating:

C:Which button?
L:The Play Button.
C:What does that mean?
L:Here, I'll set it up.
L: Now take the picture.
C:I did.
L:No you didn't.
C:I did.
L:No, you didn't hold it down long enough.
C:I held it down a long, long time. Believe you me.
L:No you didn't.

etcetera this convo to the millionth power

Are you bored? I am.


FarmerM said...

Tell that girl to learn to read the instruction manual - which I am sure you don't have. Sooooooooo write out some instructions and let her read them so we can have more photos of Lara who we need to see because we are all curious about the progress of the hair growth.

LilBrohan said...

Tell me the truth Martha...was it chicken or was it pork!

LilBrohan said...

hey sis, so im posting on your blog. things are good, i got a interview at REI, cool, cool. Jeb (my roomate) left a couple weeks ago, i think the best description of my roomate was from his ex-girlfriend who sent him a text message calling him a 'pathetic worm.'

jonzig said...

learning to use 'new' technology can be confusing at times... too many buttons and menus, although i usually only have that conversation with those of elderly ilk...

btw, thanks for commenting on my blog

Robby said...

"Blah". Haha. I totally have this conversation playing out in my head, with actual voice tones and all.
Thanks for sharing your travels with me!

Claire and Lara said...

we are interested in who this is robby wise

Claire and Lara said...

specifically: do we know you robby? which robby are you if we do know you?

Anonymous said...

Lara's photographs don't add up to anything, I mean it's impossible to say which one is her, the photograph on Twitter looks like it's not her anyway, the other girl stays same,the photo of Lara on Twitter doesn't look like any of the others, this happens to people but it can disturb the readers when the face doesn't match , they don't know who they are up against. Afrosa.

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