Day 56: A Resort in Minorca

This will be a nice week. We are being put up at a resort on the Spanish island of Minorca. It is real nice. In that there are six kinds of pillows to choose from, according to the brochure in the room. But two of them are versions of the same down feather pillow (with only imperceptible differences), so I think maybe that part about the pillows is a bit wasteful and that the resort should instead send the money to some depressing country. Or something like that.

The problem this week has to do with our clothing and looking 12. Which is a constant dynamic on this trip of travel writing, which you may have noticed in this blog. Specifically, we have to dress fancy to look legitimate here. But, since we have not done laundry in 27 days, there are very few options.

A bad moment just happened: the manager (who we had not met last night due to arriving at 2 am) just accosted Lara to chat. But she was in her pajamas. I was laughing from across the room, hiding behind my compu, thinking: "I think she should at least brush her hair, because it is kind of sticking up." But then again, I have been wearing my bathing suit for 48 hours straight so I guess maybe I shouldn't talk.

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Swiss Miss said...

Blah blah blah my life is so hard I'm in Menorca blah blah blah.

That's basically what I got out of your last post. That, and you aren't that into hygiene. But that's cool.

Just kidding, ladies!

Thanks for the shoutout--and if you life gossip sites, you must check out GENIUS.

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