Day 57: The Da Vinci Code, Spain, Paris, and Bilingual Links

So we saw the Da Vinci Code with that lawyer we're visiting in Spain. If you're interested in her bilingual life, here is her bloggette. Not since the 2003 premiere of the Reese Witherspoon classic, Sweet Home Alabama, have we been this excited.

We do have some comments about it, but they mostly relate to things like religion, and politics, and art, and so we're not sure that they're appropriate for this venue. After all, TrippingOnWords has proved to be a sort of traveling the world *lite* blog, no? We will say briefly that Tom Hanks seems to be balding, but not prematurely so.

If you do want to read about the Da Vinci code, and the mania of tourists wandering around Paris looking for Mary Magdalene's bones, we highly recommend Parisian transplant Rory Satran's Sunday travel article in the Washington Post. You can see it here.

She's a hottie, and bilingual (like the lawyer above), and a soon to be famous writer, and so when her first book comes out you better pre-order. Additionally, I have been wearing her 1997 classic threadbare J. Crew swimsuit since Tuesday. Or was it Monday?


rory: princess of pepper said...

Okay, well that was enough ego stroking to pull me out of comment anonymity. Although I'd like to point out, Claire, that you are highly unqualified to call me a "hottie" without having seen me in 5 years.

Oh, and from the Clueless set-piece that was my high school bikini collection I now own just one: the hot pink J.Crew one that you gave me!
(Isn't it strange, girls, that we still walk around wearing clothes that belong to people we have not seen in ages?)

And side note: does it make anyone else nervous that there is no spell check on this thing?

Lana said...

it doesnt make me nervous rory, i am bilingual so if i make a spelling error i just say "oh its cause im bilingual, english is my second language...". it doesnt make lara nervous because she is a great speller. its one of her gifts. like grammar and walking.

im excited for rory's book.

Jonathan said...

What makes me nervous is not the lack of a spell checker, but pepper. And I guess by nervous I really mean "sneeze".

Claire and Lara said...

i think pepper and jonathan might get along. i'm not sure. but you're both interested in languages. and crazy. look for pepper on myspace thru my myspace, lipps. she one of those myspacers that says she is 99. its cool. and her profession is listed as "squirrellette."

Lana said...

claire should actually check her myspace from time to time. i hear people send you messages and you dont respond, making them feel slightly dissed. just sayin!

speaking of dissed - where's save karyn at????

Claire and Lara said...

save karyn posted on us in her PS of a recent blog. we have yet to write something on it. maybe you should check MY myspace and see her nice message.

Jonathan said...

I am not crazy. (Unfortunately)

rory: princess of pepper said...

i'm not crazy either. and my myspace profile does not indicate that i am 99 years old. so maybe the issue here is that CLAIRE is crazy. just a thought.

i am glad that lana has so much confidence in me. now SHE sounds like someone i might get along with.

Claire and Lara said...

Ror: sorry, your myspace profile says you're 1 inch tall, not 99 years old.

Rory and Jonathan: you're both right. you are actually oppressively normal people who say exceedingly normal things like "Hi friend" and "How are you, friend?" and it is those kind of comments that really interest me in this world. keep it up!

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