Day 60: Penguin Fun Continues

We've decided to name the penguins.

We spent hours brainstorming and some random names came to us out of the blue: the pushing one is "Lara" and the awkwardly falling one is "Claire." Thoughts?


Jonathan said...

What does it say about Lara that her penguin name benefactor is pure CGI?

Claire and Lara said...

i'm trying really hard. but i just can't understand. is this compu code?

Lana said...

psh, lara WOULD be the pusher. she always freakin pushes... and then her victims stumble into doors that are slightly ajar, causing the victim to burst into dormrooms full of people she doesn't know and then has to back out of quickly, while mumbling "sorry... i...was pushed..." while lara laughs in the background. and occasionally points.

ha, and claire WOULD be the awkward falling one. just cause.

Jonathan said...

like, fake. photoshopped in.

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