Day 60: Update on Save Karyn: We're on her blog (as a P.S.)!

It is time for a Save Karyn update. For information on the entire story of how the writer Karyn Bosnak (author of Save Karyn) found our blog and commented, please refer to these earth-shattering posts:

Day 41: ALERT: Author of "Save Karyn" Finds our Blog and (gasp) comments.

Day 44: ANOTHER ALERT: Author Karyn Bosnak (Save Karyn) also posts on Claire's Myspace

Day 45: Holding Our Breath for Karyn Bosnak

Our new news is that Karyn posted a link to us in her Blog this week. You can read the full text here, or just scan to the P.S. to see that we are not lying: Save Karyn's Post with the P.S. about Claire and Lara here!

We would do something like lie in this situation to pump up our bored selves, but we're actually not. We recommend reading the full text of Karyn's blog, however, as she's looking for funny ex-boyfriend stories to post. If she likes them enough, she'll send you a free copy of her new book: Twenty Times a Lady: A Novel. We think we may submit all the text thus far on our HateToHelp Global Karma Project, since we think it is brilliant but we're not sure that anyone recognizes our genius yet. We'll let you know if she likes it.

After this link on her blog, she then posted the following message on Claire's MySpace, seeming to indicate that a more extensive blog entry devoted to our brilliance would be forthcoming.

"Okay, the post I started about you and lara is only half finished, so I didn't post it yet. But look at the PS of today's post!!! :)"

Everyone, cross your fingers and pray to your god(s).

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Bid Gal said...

"as she's looking for funny ex-boyfriend stories" - Oh gawd don't get me started!!

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