Day 62: We Have to Leave Minorca

Within 24 hours, we will be leaving this fine, fine place. It is sad, because we have had a wonderful week tanning and lounging in the beautiful sun at the beach and pool. And it was free. But we're trying to look on the brightside(s). One of the available brightsides is that we will not have to look at the maid anymore, who hates us, because in 7 days we have managed to make several multi-leveled rings around the bathtub by laundering massive amounts of very dirty Sahara sand-soaked clothing in it. Another available brightside is that we were able to raid the resort library to replenish our supplies. A final brightside is that the hotel passes out eye makeup remover as one of their complementary bath products, and this is unusual and cool.


Jonathan said...

I'd love to see a dramatic, Braveheart-inspired rendition of that library raid, with Lara totally wasting an unsuspecting maid.

court said...

you need more bathroom items like i need a 3rd arm... what happened to weeding out face wash and other "unusual" items from your numerous toiletry bags.

Mari said...

Book pilfering intrigues me. Is this how you maintain your hefty book supply while traveling? Looking at your extensive reading list, I have puzzled over your book situation. How can you travel with heavy books? Do you keep a separate suitcase of reading material? Please advise.

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