Day 64: Barcelona Deja Vu

Literally. We´re back in Barcelona hanging with the law school kids...hanging with, sleeping on their couch, whatever.

everything everyone says about Barcelona is true. There is lots of eating, drinking, partying...very little sleeping. We don´t understand. These are responsible Law School students, but they keeps us out until about 6 every night . We spend the day sleeping, movie-watching, maybe some museum-ing...they go to class or work. How, we ask. Really how is it possible?

Then there´s the football. True football..the kind that involves feet. Lana has inspired us to begin calling "american football" "tackle ball" becuase really that´s what they do. Football players use feet. (Lana also wants everyoen to know that she loves tackle ball...this is not a slight on the game in anyway...Go Chargers! she says. Go Pats! Lara says...but Lara doesn´t really care)

So we´re off now to watch some Mexicans (not Lana) . Yesterday it was the British...lots of talk abut¨"bloody pitches" and "shagging" that kept us all entertained. Why do they talk like that? we asked them. They didn´t get it. So their accents and David Beckham. And Owen. And Lampard. That was what kept us entertained. That and the 2-0 score, and some song about "England Win the World Cup" that we will post later because it´s AMAZING.

So off to the game. Viva Mexico!


Jonathan said...

yay for the world cup. now that costa rica has been eliminated, i hope england really does win. it must be sweet to watch games in countries that care.

tackle ball can go to hell!

Robby said...

Copa del MUNDOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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