Day 65: Almost in Tuscany

In 2 days, we will be in Tuscany, staying with the family of a college PR working friend at a minor little villa for a week. This is probably good for the Barcelona law students, who are sick of us eating their cereal, us sleeping on top of their remote controls, and us as a general concept. The leaving Barcelona for Italy is good for us, too, of course, because this PR friend has great parents, the kind that would take entire groups of 8 girls in college out to dinner and say things like: ¨You´re not going to get a drink with your salmon entree?¨ as they hugged us warmly.


Lee Herald said...

Hi Travel Writer,

You have an interesting blog on world travel.

Trip on over to my blogs and skip through some words.

Lee Herald

crAmbA said...

Cool blog on world travel. I hope you have a GREAT time where ever you are going next! You sound very interesting to me. Reply here and we can have a little chat about world travel!
I may not reply back because I have to do other stuff at home and around town.

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