Day 66: The Life and Times of Travel Writers

Last week in Barcelona, we stayed in a four-star hotel with free slippers and robes. Then we went to Menorca, stayed in a four-star resort that didn't have slippers and robes, but that did have a pool and a white sand beach.

This week, we couldn't get anyone to return our emails. More sadly, we are currently sitting in another hotel of the same Barcelona chain we stayed in last week stealing their internet in the lobby hoping no one notices us. We just avoid making eye contact. And plan ways to tell them we're actually writing an article about them if they come over to us and point out that we don't really look like we've showered.

Luckily, we took off the slippers we stole from their counterpart. This is actually lucky, as Claire has been wearing them for a week straight.

Finally, this is a picture of Lara, because our email ( had no less than 5 requests for a picture of her this week, due to the whole "there is only one digital camera and only one of us knows how to use it" issue that you have read about before.


Claire and Lara said...

only in the evenings, lara

Claire and Lara said...

when i'm relaxing, lara

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