Day 72: Italian Lessons

We are in a land of culture and beautiful things. Lots of museums, hillside medieval towns and foodies.

What we have learned from all this is that we "cannot enter the pool for three hours after eating because that is when congestion most likely occurs which can be harmfull. If someone creates an emergency please call..."

Once we figured out what congestion was, and remembered that our mothers have told us vaguely the same thing, we had a few questions: When was it upped from half an hour to three hours? When has an Italian ever gone three hours without a meal? How can these questions take up so much of our day? Why won't Ian, the Pennsylvania twelve-year-old stop repeating the phrase "gay marriage"?

We will keep you posted on events. We are heading back to the pool today, and I'm pretty sure there will be eating...

This is our suspenseful blog entry.

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