Day 71: Still here (in Tuscany), Still 12

So, we're still here. Reliving our study abroad in Florence days from college. But this time it's different, because we spend lots of time with parents (there at at least 8 here, it seems) and eating good food that we couldn't afford. Last night, things really became middle school esque following another beautiful verandah dinner when the adults went to play Bridge and the kids ran off with the wine to watch The Real Cancun. A great flick, if you haven't seen it, and thanks Little Brother Tony for giving it to me. It was the only movie I brought on this around the world journey, after all. The laughs, the tears.

Oh, and as for the FreeLance project, some stuff happened with BALCO yesterday, we hear. Specifically, the goverment really hates my father today in the SFChron. Hmm says USA Today. He still has a wry wit, according to MSNBC.


Mari said...

Also note: Lance Williams has a WIKI!

-Lance Williams Fan Club

Mari said...

Ah! Even better: TWO wikis.

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