Day 70: Update--Italy still perfect

That is right, kids. Italy is still a heaven on earth. At least when you visit it with the fabulous Willson family from Belmont, MA whose daughter Susan is a fellow Stanford alum.

Yes, in true mooch tradition, we have become the additional daughters of this family. And in true us tradition, we continue to jump around between horrid hostels and living accomodations the likes of which we will not see again until we begin making all that money our past agents promised us.

So today we went and saw lots of medieval towns. It was like a return to childhood family trips. In that we slept in the backseat and fought for elbow room while the adults drove, directed, and learned from guide books. We saw Montalcino, Montepulciano and something else that looked a lot like the other two but featured cheese instead of wine.

We now have to return to said villa to lounge by the pool and try to avoid the twelve-year-old Ian from Pennsylvania who is also staying there. He likes to talk to us about being Republican and his dog Humphrey while also splashing in the pool and asking us to watch him.


johanna said...

wait... are you going to florence? are you going to find our old apartment?

Mari said...

at many points reading your blog, I have wished for the lives you lead. But this is too much...Italy with the Willsons?!? Amazing.

Please tell Sue that Gabe Kapler is playing for the Sox again. Hi Sue!

r_y_a_n said...
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r_y_a_n said...

barbara says:

you suck.

Claire and Lara said...

johanna - the pic is coming soon.

barbarakingsolver said...

no r_y_a_n: YOU suck.

do you have a myspace or something?

r_y_a_n said...

maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the connection between "me sucking" and me having "myspace or something."

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