Day 68: Lara's Dad

***As a birthday request to the feature of this blog entry, the bad typing, grammar and European-keyboard-inspired crazy punctuation has been fixed.

Lara has been set up. And will now talk about her father...

Frank E. Vogel, born in North Dakota as Claire has said, was in fact born on the same day as Claire's dad...a fact we find quite strange.

He is currently (though currently retiring as well) working as an Islamic Legal Studies Professor at the illustrious Harvard Law School. These types of activities, while raising a few terrrorist-fearing eyes, do not get him sent to jail or anything.

I did not actually know exactly what my dad did for a very long time. In third grade, a friend asked, and I had to just say he was a teacher as things like "law" and "Islamic" were beyond me. And still might be.

But he is about to retire to go live in Hickville, New Hampshire with Lara's mother who you will have to read about in November when her bday happens. They will do things there like sit in rocking chairs, and plant things, and watch them grow and then watch the deer eat them. This is as exciting as it sounds to normal people, but they are strangely thrilled.

This does mean, however, that Lara will no longer be from the Boston area, but rather a resident hick whenever she needs to move home for lack of funds.

Happy Birthday, Pops! and Happy Father's day all around to everyone.


Lana said...

i think its so weird that both your father's have the same bday. i think that means its meant to be.

Anonymous said...

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