Day 102: Mumbai on Overdrive

During my 6 days with the medical students that have been taking care of Lara in Mumbai, some interesting things happened. Some involved Claire and Lara trading stories of the last month, some involved an emotional crying jag about life in the Mumbai zoo during the monsoon on day 100, some involved spending the weekend with a charming Bollywood actor (star of Kushboo, coming in December) and getting invited to the premiere, some involved trying miserably to understand what was going on in Lakehouse, some involved going to a beauty salon and getting every bizarre treatment available (eyebrow stringing, butter knife arm waxing, on-all-limbs mahindi, etc.), some involved thinking that maybe I should be a doctor because Lara's doctor friends were so cool, and some even involved seeing the largest goat of the combined lives of Lara and Claire. It really did seem like a horse, we swear. For this six day period, life really was on overdrive.

All in all, it was a wonderful week in Mumbai, and ended far, far too soon. Now I (Claire) have landed in Goa, India, resort capital of the sub-continent, and am holding down the fort looking like professional travel writers for the next week until Lara gets here. Then we will continue to be here for another near 2 weeks after that. It's kind of funny, if you think about it. In that there is nothing to do here. And that I found out upon checking in that, "only crazy people swim in the sea during the monsoon."

But, don't worry, Lara, the pool is hecka nice. And the general area is beautiful in that Kauai-post-92 hurricane way. And if we're lucky we just might get a Mumbai visitor or two.

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