Day 102: It in a Leper Colony

Sharon, a beautiful, lovely, reincarnation of this riot of a girl we went to college with named Jenais, is a med student who told me one of the funniest stories I have heard in a long, long, time.

I am not too good at relating stories, so forgive me. Here are the basics:

Sharon was living at a Leper Colony cum Naturopathy Center last week doing a rotation of interesting med school in Mumbai learning. While there, she met a man who she thought was American but actually was Indian, who had some skin disorder that made him look American, and did not speak English very much. As their self-proclaimed host, he spent a lot of time hanging around Sharon and her accompanied doctor buddy.

The best two things he would say, with frequency, were the following:

"Is it married?" (About Sharon, generally)

"Why is it still sleeping?" (About Sharon, when sleeping)

This story particularly touches me because these are two on-going and critical themes in my own life. And because I love any linguistic hilarity and have yet to have ever heard this particular one.


Nathaniel said...

That's funny. I'm chuckling. Honest, I am.

SavvySunshine said...

That's like a bad gollum, talking in the third person (it wants his precioussss - or something like that...). That's funny. I, too, had to chuckle.


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