Day 103: Why There Are No Pictures, Jitu

When I met Jitu in 2005 doing anthropology work for The Learning Foundation India (TLFI) he was known as Jitu Boss at Malaviya National Institute of Technology, because he was a senior and president of many things. Although he is no longer technically Boss anymore, the MNIT boys still refer to him as Boss, which is cute I think. Jitu does many things, like running TLFI, and now workign for IBM in Pune.

Although we have not been able to meet up yet due to road conditions, on the phone he told me the following interesting information:

"Do you realize, Claire, that you left India on exactly July 20th of last year, 2005, and returned this year to India on July 20th of 2006?"

Since Lara and I have trouble knowing what day of the week it is, I clearly did not know this. But it's obviously symbolic and fated and God and all. Score!

P.S. We wanted to tell everyone who reads our blog that the reason sometimes there are no pictures accompanying our exciting text for extraordinary amounts of time, and then there are some pictures very often for several days, all has to do with the internet and the available use of wifi for personal laptop use. Not that you hadn't already guessed. But we feel that this will allow you to cut us slack when it is all text and boring looking. We apologize, we do. BUT NOW THE PHOTOS ARE BACK ON SO NO MORE COMPLAINTS!

This one features TLFI boys Vipul, Mridul, Anish, Jitu Boss (in the blue shirt), Dheeraj, and the Great Adam Tolnay, (who is a bit like Santa Claus).

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