Day 83: Still Not Married on Mykonos

Lara: when you tell someone (Claire) to call you at your cell phone in India from the public pay phone on Mykonos to "tell you news" and "talk about feelings" (Claire's, mostly) - you have to be there. Especially when the someone who wants to talk to you (Claire) is calling to tell you that no less than 6 people we know are getting married on Saturday! And there was 1 more engagement today! Happy Marriages!


Jonathan said...

well...i'm at trent and natalie's wedding, reporting that all is going as planned, except maybe i'm a little too tipsy to know that for sure. but i'm sure it will be a beautiful ceremony tomorrow (today).

r_y_a_n said...

I can verify that Trent and Nat's wedding was as beautiful, fun and memorabe as anyone could ever hope for.

Anonymous said...

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