Day 84: Rickshaws and the women who love them

In Mumbai the "cool" way to get around is a little motorized rickshaw that drives at maybe 30 miles an hour tops down the highway. They stop for cows. They go in between large large buses that cannot see them. In short, they are terrifying, yet very cheap and handy. A forty-five minute ride runs at about a buck fifty.

In an interesting twist, most of the ones in mumbai these days have stamps on the back that read "women empowerment." I have no idea why or what this does for women. But I appreciate the effort. Underneath it usually says "Horn OK Please" So I guess I'm really jsut hoping that "women empowerment" means what I think it means.

I took one of these women empowerment rickshaws blaring Bollywood music to McDonald's last night to get "McVeggie sandwich" and a "McAloo Gobi Pie" No Happy Meal though, so sadly no more Mickey D's pedometers. Good times. Good times.


Claire and Lara said...

Lara: try the weird Indian McDonald's pizza. AND CALL JITU! Jitu: are you there?

Lana said...

i definitely did not even know what the freak a rickshaw was. so its like a vespa. okay, good to know. trippingonwords: so witty, so interesting, and so EDUCATIONAL! snaps!

horn ok please,

Claire and Lara said...

REALLY REALLY not lıke a vespa. more lıke a covered wagon. only metal. and attached to a motor or a bıcyclıng person.

ı thınk covered wagon ıs a stretch here. google ıt

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