Day 83: Update on Marriages (Geelong, Australia)

P.S: (Although I think this belongs on HateToHelp, maybe?)

In the 24 hours since posting about the fact that 6 people I knew got married and 2 engaged on July 8, I (Claire) then met two lovely people: Belinda and James, of Geelong, Australia, teachers of subjects like math, science, japanese, and health to little children(s). What is interesting is that, since these two have been dating for many many years and are planning on getting engaged in the next two months, I offered them a ghettofabulous fake Tiffany's ring I bought with my sister in Shanghai last year. In that Shanghai store, my sister (who was wearing real Tiffany's that day), really wowed the shopkeepers.

In any case, Geelong Australia James kindly said that although it was very nice of me to offer him the ring to propose to Belinda with, in fact it would probably be more special if he picked something out on his own that had particular meaning for the both of them. James, while I do understand your feelings, I simply feel it would have been pretty fascinating if you had taken me up on the offer. And it would have been an excellent story, if not for your engagement, then for the life of Claire.

As I was looking for the ring, which was in the bottom of my duffel bag on the 15 hour ferry ride we shared with Belinda and James, my friend Dani said to my friend Nai curiously, "What is she doing?"

Nai said: "I can't explain. But it makes her happy. So let her do it."

Kindness makes the world go round people. It really does. Yes, this did belong on HateToHelp.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, This is Belinda and James from Geelong, Australia. We meet you in Mykonos, getting on the ferry in the Greek Islands. Just letting you know that we are FINALLY getting married in September this year. James asked me to marry him in front of 1000 people at our church Chirstmas Carol Service. It was very romantic!!! The ring he picked out is gorgeous (not as nice as the Tiffany one you offered) but I absolutely love it!!!!

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