Day 85: You Cannot Leave Paradise

Today, for the fourth day, we are marrooned on Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos. On Paradise Beach, thousands of twenty-somethings try desperately to star in their very own reality movie, entitled (of course): The Real Cancun: Mykonos.

If you never had a spring break experience that you wished to have forgotten, fly here immediately, and learn about what it's like when people don't grow up. The Tuck Everlastings and Peter Pans of the world are all here, swimming in a strange nude drunken purgatory and sleeping in beach tents reminiscent of the summer camps in Parent Trap.

Additionally, because ferrys stop when winds are high, even those who attempt to just pass through (Claire, along with old friends Nai and Dani) get stuck, and are forced to sit around looking at eachother and the people dancing on tables and wondering how we can please please please get out.

At Paradise Beach, 50% of check-ins stay at least three days longer than expected. The owner says.

Help, Lara.


bbop said...


bbop said...

In 1970 when I last visited Mykonos, the beaches were deserted. Times have changed!

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