Day 87: Pose, Pony, Pose for a Picture!

Now on the island of Rhodes, in Greece, 12 days into travelling with old friends Dani and Nai, I (Claire) must say that travelling with these two is a decidedly different experience photographically than the rest of the year with Lara.

1. As opposed to me and Lara, who have one camera between us (Lara's), Dani and Nai have FOUR. I repeat. FOUR CAMERAS. That they use. Repeatedly.

2. And they make ME take photos. Because they say, "We don't only want pictures of you, Pony!" Why not? I wonder. Lara doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

3. Whenever they speak about taking pictures, or anything (although taking pictures seems to take up a large percentage of their dialogue) they call Claire by the stupid but loving nickname they have been using for a decade: PONY. Or, when they are tired, they shorten it to very understandable PONE. It's not even a real nickname, people.

Take a picture, Pone. Take another one, Pone. You forgot the camera number 3, Pone. Blah Blah Blah. It is just like Lara, on Day 48's Post, I tell you...

Finally. Here is the last picture I took (very nearly). It was before we started the trip, when we buzzed Lara's long curly golden locks. The lighting is really good, you will notice. And it is just generally wonderful. The person with the buzzer (they said my hands were "not smooth enough") is our writing partner, Amalia, of TrippingOnMyCouch. We were working that night. And we wonder why our agents hate us.

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Lana said...

hahaha pone. freakin pony. why didnt that stick at stanford?! dammit. a lost opportunity if ever there was one...

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