Day 88 again: Stupid Raisins

I'm still in the cyber cafe right now, though it is legitimately over 104 degrees in here.

But I am eating a "Double Chocolate Yumm" Ice cream bar right now, so things are looking up.

Except that, oh wait, on my second bite, I discover that they've snuck dried fruit into the center of said Double Chocolate Yumm. Who does that? Who sticks gooey dried fruit into ice cream bars?

As I pondered this fact, I remembered that I'm in India. A lot of things are basically the same, but then they're not.

Like my Double Chocolate Yumm bar.

Or the sign that says "Children Trafficking Park" when they mean to communicate the site of a public playground.

It's a fun country.

Claire...come edit with me.


Mallory said...

Hellooo girls! First let me say that your comment on my blog made my week!

Sooo in preparing for my study abroad trip to Italy my brother introduced me to this ny times blog called Frugal Traveler. This guy is travelling all around Europe for cheap, and plotting his trip on a map, and writing all about it.

Anyways in my dreamworld you guys would meet up and post one powerful post together-combining two of my favorite blogs to read! Just a thought you guys could consider....maybe?

also im a big fan of dried fruit and i think i would love some in ice cream therefore i cant wait to go to India!

LeighAnn said...

Dried fruit?

What is this world coming to!!

Lana said...

lara you kind of look like a raisin. a raisin that i miss.

Lana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lana said...

lara i just checked cnn - are you okay? my thoughts are with you india... i love you!

Claire and Lara said...

mallory: we have trıed everythıng to get the frugal traveler guy to respond to us and meet up...we comment all the tıme on hıs stuff!

bbop said...

From a non-ice-cream eater, Rum Raisin is my favorite flavor, Claire.

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